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Customer Care

We stand by our products and we know how important after sales support is to our clients. If you have purchased an item and are experiencing defects or issues please contact your original sales representative or with a description of the issue and images if possible and we will look up your original order and contact the manufacturer on your behalf to determine if the product is within it's given warranty period and what can be done to remedy the issue.

If you are waiting for an order please contact your sales representative directly so we can check on the order status and advise you with the most up to date information.

Privacy & Safety

Your personal information is stored securely and not shared with any other entities including your email and phone number. If you sign up for our newsletter you will only receive emails directly from Dwell Modern regarding upcoming sales, events and new products. If you should wish to unsubscribe you can do so at any time.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Visa or Mastercard Credit Cards

- Debit Cards
- Cash or Cheque

- Bank Wire Transfer (contact for information)

Questions? Please contact us:

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