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SkLo, Crescent Vessels

SkLo, Crescent Vessels

Starting price listed. Pricing depends on size/version selected, can also be purchased as a set of six vessels for $6168.00. The open ends are cut and polished so that the vessels can be oriented with either end up. Six unique shapes, in a bright palette of carefully combined colors. Handblown in the Czech Republic.

  • Hand blown glass objects in siz varieties. 

    Shape 1: 11”H x 6”Dia (29x15cm)

    Shape 2: 24”H x 6”Dia (61x15cm)

    Shape 3: 30”H x 9”Dia (76x23cm)

    Shape 4: 18”H x 5”Dia (46x12cm)

    Shape 5: 12”H x 5”Dia (31x12cm)

    Shape 6: 10”H x 9”Dia (25x23cm)

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