Miniforms, Ozz Arching Floor Lamp

Miniforms, Ozz Arching Floor Lamp


Ozz is made of light and stone. It shifts from shy domesticity to become central to the home, proving itself a key figure, with its large, look-at-me arc. The design starts in the concrete and end in the lampshade. Between the two, the shaft curves in a dramatic trajectory until the point where the light bites the bait.Stocked in Italy (approximate lead time of 16-20 weeks).

  • Designed by Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti, produced by Miniforms.

    Arching Floor Lamp: 84.6"W x 92.5"H (base diameter 11.6", shade diameter 13.3")

    *Base in Grey concrete, structure and shade in matte Black metal. Also available as a reading floor lamp with table surface.*