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Catellani & Smith, Lederam Manta Suspension

Catellani & Smith, Lederam Manta Suspension

Starting price listed for S1 size. The Lederam Manta Pendant Lamp is a new addition to the popular Lederam lighting collection. Light from the Lederam is projected from a small disc onto a larger disc, casting a delicate ambient glow. Connected to the smaller disc via metal rod, the larger disc has undulating waves like the wings of a manta ray.

  • Available in two sizes and color combinations. Hardwired, dimmable, 120V.


    S1 version: 23.6"D x 11.8"H

    1x17W LED CRI80 1590lm (integrated)


    S2 version: 39.3"D x 20.8"H

    2x17W LED CRI80 3180lm (integrated)


    *Matte White or Matte Black outer shell with unside coated in metallic Gold, Silver or Copper leaf or a smooth White finish.*

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