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Romancing The Stoneware

Don't panic, it's THAT durable.

Ceramic stoneware table tops have been sweeping the market the last several years because of their minimal, thin profile and their unparalleled resistance to scratching, heat damage, impact damage and staining. There are always new varieties being introduced to suit any design such as glossy finish Calcutta ceramic and Black Greek marble ceramic!

Natural marble is certainly gorgeous but it can be a bit difficult to care for, especially in light coloured varieties and for those who enjoy a nice Malbec. Ceramic stoneware is also suitable for extendable dining tables which makes it a perfect finish option for smaller spaces. Most of our manufacturers now offer this material as an option along with natural marble depending on your needs including Bonaldo, Ligne Roset, Calligaris and Midj just to name a few.

Come on in to the Dwell Modern showroom nearest you and we'll be happy to show you what this amazing material looks and feels like, as well as the many colors/patterns available!

*The colors, patterns and finishes of ceramic available vary by brand*

Pictured above: The Alfred Extendable Table from Midj in glossy Calcutta and the Mellow table from Bonaldo in matte Laurent.


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