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Lay It All Out (With Complimentary Design Services)

We love helping our existing and potential clients work our amazing products into their space to create the perfect combination! We offer complimentary design services including floor plans to scale with dimensions, 3D perspectives to give you the real life feel and colour/material suggestions.

No more guessing whether or not furniture and lighting will compliment each other and function well in your space. We want you to be 100% confident in your purchases so we are here to help you visualize the design and provide peace of mind before you place an order. Whether you are starting fresh with a blank slate or looking for the final missing piece for your existing space, our staff Interior Design Technologist will help bring your vision to life.

Don't be shy! Contact us for help designing the perfect space, combining products from our many furniture, lighting and accessory lines with your existing furniture and fixtures for a look that's all your own. Email with any images, dimensions or floor plans you have to work with to get started today!


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