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Here Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things

Our favourite designs (like the Bowy sectional from Cassina above) bring us joy and dreaming about using them in different projects keeps us forever entertained. In this newsletter are a few of our favourite things from our selection of suppliers (in no particular order, it would be too hard to pick a favourite from these knockouts).

For more information on any of these amazing pieces click on the links in the descriptions to read more on the manufacturers websites and contact us for pricing, custom options and design advice!

Some of these favourites are brand new and some are well known classics that we could never tire of. All great design is timeless and these items are own-able pieces of design history, but all of our selections are exceptionally comfortable and liveable for day to day as well. Bring some great design into your life to see and feel the difference in comfort, beauty and quality.

1. The LC1 Armchair designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand and sold by Cassina. This amazing chair was designed in 1928, produced in 1965 and is still one of our favourite pieces on the market 55 years later. Included in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

The addition of matte powder coated frame colours including a pale Blue and pale Green modernize this iconic piece and keep it forever relevant and impactful.

2. The Prado collection from Ligne Roset designed in 2014 by Christian Werner is an instant classic, the modular back cushions and smooth seat surface create unlimited flexibility for seating arrangements, lounging and even sleeping. The cushions can be ordered in different custom materials than the seat so limitless combinations are possible.

3. The Miunn stool designed by Karri Monni for Lapalma. This is our top selling stool simply because it's our favourite stool! Available in a wood, plastic or upholstered seat with metal sled legs or wood legs in multiple finishes. This thin, minimal yet sturdy design brings understated, modern elegance wherever it goes.

4. The 552 Floe Insel seating collection designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina. Each element incorporates an asymmetrical line, at an angle of 25 degrees from the horizontal, making it different and unique. The seats and backs, meanwhile, feature diagonal stitching that accentuates the sense of movement. The padded profile on the outer edges of the cushions and the armrests serve to reconfirm Cassina’s mastery in executing the complex task of adapting linear stitching to an asymmetrical structure.

5. The Geo armchair designed by Paolo Grasselli for Saba Italia. Geo is an all rounded project, the proportions have been designed with upmost attention to detail and with careful observation it will be noticed that the arm width is slightly different to that of the back, the ergonomic needs are different, and it has been a design choice to steer clear from a more typical uniform width that goes right around the entire armchair. The signature metal cradle base is available in a Matte Gold or Grey finish.

6. The Bramante cabinet collection designed by Kazuhide Takahama in 1975 and produced by Cassina in 2019. A storage unit with modern lines, although of classical inspiration, that becomes the emblem of the Ultrarazionale collection, in this case an example of ancient lacquering techniques are being customized for industrial-level manufacturing. High gloss and saturated colours with luxurious interior angle-cut glass shelves and warm LED lighting.

7. The Ruché Bed designed by Inga Sempé and produced by Ligne Roset. Available in a high or low version and three wood frame finish options to compliment your custom fabric of choice. The headboard and frame are dressed with a distinctive quilting, a kind of boutis stitch of padding made using a cross-hatching of interrupted seams.

8. The Bottle Grinders from Menu designed by Norm Architects. The Bottle Grinders are not typical salt and pepper grinders. The form, shaped more like a bottle, cleverly tricks the user into engaging with the design in a playful and experimental way – and the powerful ceramic mill encourages even further experimentation as it makes light work of grinding a wide range of spices. Bottle Grinders are easy to operate, fill and clean, and the upright design ensures surfaces remain free from unwanted residue.

9. The Togo modular sectional collection designed in 1973 by Michel Ducaroy and produced by Ligne Roset. A collection of all-foam cushion seating with no hard points. Its characteristic design will fit into both traditional and modern spaces.

10. The My Taos modular sectional collection designed by Sergio Bicego and produced by Saba Italia, first designed in 1999 and restyled in 2018. Available in endless custom configurations including adjustable depth seats and moveable weighted back cushions for complete flexibility and comfort.

11. The Wire Pot and Wire Base from Menu, available in Black, White or Olive Green. The combination of the Wire Pot and Base creates a beautiful resting place for your plants, while also offering stands of varying heights to bring visual interest and decoration to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

12. The Barry table designed by Alain Gilles produced by Miniforms. The legs form a prominent feature and curl distinctly around themselves, revealing the table’s dynamic personality. The top is available in the graphic new Palladio Moro and Palladio Doge Terrazzo Marble.

13. The Pukka seatingcollection designed by Yabu Pushelberg produced by Ligne Roset. The Pukka collection finds its roots in the great C&B period when Gaetano Pesce presented his UP50 collection in 1969. The latter had created a collection which paid homage to the sponge and the way in which it always sprang back into its original shape.

14. The Crescent Vessels by Sklo, hand blown glass made in the Czech Republic. The open ends are cut and polished so that the vessels can be oriented with either end up for a minimal yet decorative accent.

15. The Geometric table designed by Alain Gilles and produced by Bonaldo in an exclusive Clay hand spatula effect finish in a Terracotta colour. The concept is based on chameleon-like silhouettes, starting with the base: its four legs with drop-shaped feet appear either thick or sharp and thin, playing together to offer a different perception of their visual weight as you walk around the table, with an impressive scenic yet slender and graceful presence, given by its rounded shapes.



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