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Veneer Is Not A Dirty Word

V*%#*! Veneer is not a dirty word.

If the word veneer makes you cringe a little when researching a piece of furniture's construction, you're not alone. The word has been given a bad reputation by manufacturers that use poor quality surfaces printed with a wood grain pattern on cheap substrate and label it veneer. However, the process of veneering wood has actually been around for hundreds of years and carries a long tradition of high quality hand crafted goods!

True wood veneer is a paper thin slice of real hardwood carefully selected for the natural beauty of it's grain which is then applied to a substrate material to seal and stabilize it. This process is used for many types of wood furniture and millwork for it's cost effectiveness and environmental consciousness (rare and expensive woods can be used for their unique patterns at a fraction of the cost and amount of resources required) and also to avoid cracking which can happen in rapidly changing temperatures and humidity.

Amazing effects can also be achieved with veneer that would be nearly impossible with solid wood such as "book-matching" veneer to achieve a chevron like pattern or even an ink blot effect! Solid wood is treasured for it's uniqueness and the knots and variations are celebrated, but if you desire a more artistic or uniform wood grain, veneer may be the perfect solution for you. Many of our furniture pieces are featured in wood veneers, get in touch with your sales representative to learn more!

(Pictured above are the Big Table from Bonaldo in a Canaletto Walnut veneer finish, currently in stock in our Edmonton showroom and the Book & Look sideboard from Ligne Roset).


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