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Stellar Works, Mūn Outdoor Portable Lamp

Stellar Works, Mūn Outdoor Portable Lamp

The design of the Mūn light series marries Asian design sensibilities with a timeless aesthetic, and targets both consumer and contract markets. The design ethos behind Mūn is playful, analogue and sculptural. A distillation of the essential elements of form and function. Mūn, the Japanese word for moon, takes shape in the form of a desk lamp, two types of floor lamps, pendants in s, m and large and a rechargeable lantern that can be used both indoor and outdoor.

  • Designed by Oeo Studio for Stellar Works. Suitable for outdoor use.

    Table lamp: 11.4"H x 7.7"D

    *2.1W LED 2700K 130lm (integrated). Powder Coated Steel/Silicone/Glass. Plug-In (Rechargeable). 3 Level Touch Dimmer. *

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